New Powerhouse Smoothie Recipe

Red color fruits and vegetables bring a wide array of health benefits. They are best known for the presence of health-promoting anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants that improve blood circulation, prevent anemia, purify the blood, significantly reduce the chances for having a heart attack and keep arteries clear of cholesterol.

They also contain ellagic acid, quercetin, hesperidin, fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C which contribute to a better health and positively affect all vital organs. These components have been proved useful in the prevention of Helicobacter pylori infection which is associated with stomach cancer and ulcers.

According to recent studies conducted in Europe, the introduction of red fruits and vegetables to your diet will decrease the development of breast cancer by 31 %. They are also beneficial for protection against leukemia, prostate and lung cancer and inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Having such remarkable anti-cancer effect, these ingredients are constantly used in the treatment of people suffering from malignant diseases.

They effectively reduce inflammation and also stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which aims at dealing with nervousness, anxiety and depression.

Regular consumption of these natural superfoods can aid the gastrointestinal system and will offer support to those suffering from arthritis as some of their components impact the structure of joint tissues.

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