Need to Keep Your Toes Warm This Winter? Try These Cozy Dragon Scale Slippers with Crochet Scales

We’re approaching the end of the year, and you know what that means, the temperature is cooling down. And as the weather turns chillier, the coziness of your own home seems to become more and more appealing.


While cuddling up at home is inevitable for the Fall and Winter seasons, it’s essential that you’re nestling indoors in style.

There’s a new staple to add to your household wardrobe that will be perfect for those rainy days (and nights) spent indoors: Dragon Stitch Slippers with a Crocodile Cuff. And while it sounds like a mouthful, these crocheted slippers are uncomplicatedly simple and snug.

These whimsical slippers are a combination of a crocheted sock and crocheted boot, providing all-around softness and comfortability to your feet. Additionally, the scaly-like designs come in a variety of colors and designs, including rainbow and ombre tones.

These treats for your feet can be purchased online or can be crafted at home. In a pattern purchased online, DIY-ers are provided with a photo tutorial, breaking down the numerous steps to make these cozy creations. The tutorial is rated intermediate and the pattern comes in assorted sizes such as baby, child, and adult.

Whether you decide to make these slippers on your own, or to purchase them online, these Dragon Stitch Slippers with a Crocodile Cuff are a perfect gift for the holidays and are guaranteed to keep you warm during the colder weather, while also looking absolutely adorable.

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