Natural remedies to skin problems

Apart from the usual cleansers and moisturisers, face-masks are essential skin-care products because of their ability to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, to exfoliate dead skin cells, and to unclog pores. Many of us seek ‘natural’ or herbal solutions to skin problems but are daunted by the numerous choices that we are faced with. It is therefore wise to acquaint yourself with the properties of various herbal ingredients and the many face-masks available in stores.

Fuller’s Clay (Multani Mitti)

‘Multani Mitti’ is widely known for its absorbing qualities and is particularly recommended for oily skin. It also washes away toxins. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of pimples and blackheads/whiteheads. It also reveals a fresh, blemish-free skin. Due to its purification properties, those with dry skin cannot seem to resist it and they usually apply it with milk for better results.

Natural Sandalwood (Chandan)

Chandan has been traditionally used for protecting the skin. It is mostly popular for its fragrance and anti-microbial properties. It leaves the skin free of blackheads and spots. Chandan is also known for its ability to treat sun-tan and uneven skin tone. Chandan is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing agent.


Commonly known as the ‘panacea for all diseases,’ Neem has been revered for its medicinal properties for centuries. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial attributes, it is a major ingredient in most Ayurvedic or herbal cosmetics. It is prescribed to treat acne and other forms of skin infections. However, it is not ideal for sensitive skin.

Turmeric (Holud)

Turmeric is commonly believed to possess antiseptic and anti-tanning properties. Apart from the initial yellow tinge that it leaves on the skin, it is recommended for boosting the natural skin complexion and thereby, aiding make-up. Its anti-oxidant quality helps to slow down the skin’s melanin production and is often a chief ingredient in herbal sunscreens.


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