Devastated Michael Bublé Reveals His 3-Year Old Son Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer After Being Taken to Hospital with ‘Mumps’

  • Noah Bublé, 3, was taken to his doctor with a suspected case of mumps
  • Tests confirmed the youngster had contracted some form of cancer 
  • Bublé and his wife said they are devastated by the recent cancer diagnosis
  • The youngster is currently undergoing treatment in the United States 
  • Bublé and his wife Luisana are taking career breaks for Noah’s treatment 
  • Last year, the youngster suffered burns after being scalded by boiling water


Michael Bublé’s eldest son Noah, three, has been diagnosed with cancer. 

The singer, 41, and his wife Luisana Lopilato, 29, said in a statement on the model’s Facebook page: ‘We are devastated by the recent diagnosis of cancer of our oldest son Noah, who is currently receiving treatment in the United States.

‘We’ve always talked a lot about the importance of family and the love we have for our children.’


‘Luisana and I will devote all our time and attention to help Noah to get better, for now suspending our professional activities.

‘During this difficult time, we ask you to pray for him and please respect our privacy.

‘We have a long journey ahead and we hope that with the support of our family, friends, fans around the world and our faith in God, we can win this battle.’

Argentinian website La Nacion reports that Noah was diagnosed when he visited doctors with a suspected case of mumps.

The Canadian musician and the Argentinian actress and model welcomed their second son, Elias, into the world in January.

Last night, Bublé appeared on an hour-long pre-recorded show on the BBC in Salford last month.


In Bublé At The BBC, the singer told host Claudia Winkleman he ‘just didn’t know that level of love existed’.

He said of his sons: ‘I just love them so much that part of loving them so much is not giving them everything they want and that is a tough thing for me.’

When asked about returning to work, he said it was ‘really tough’, and that Noah did not want him to leave.


He said: ‘My son Noah is three, Eli eight months, and Noah said to me “Poppy, for what are you going?” I said “Well, daddy is going to go and sing”.

‘And it kills you, he said “Please don’t go, I will be a good boy”, and I think I’m the worst human being in the universe.’

The singer and his wife said they are both putting their careers on hold while their son receives treatment for his cancer.

Earlier, Bublé’s wife Luisana filmed young Noah singing.

Michael has previously described fatherhood as the best thing that has ever happened to him.

He said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October: ‘I love them more than I’ll ever love anything, or anyone in the whole universe.

‘I think it gave me perspective on life that I think I very badly needed. It’s hard to be able to quantify that level of love.

‘I didn’t know that level of love existed. But it makes me better at everything. It allows me to pull more emotion and be more honest and to be in the moment.

‘The only regret that I have in my life is that I took this long to have kids, because I had no idea the perspective it would give me. I had no idea how much I would love being a dad.

‘That’s it, that’s all I care about … I love them too much probably, if there was such a thing.

‘It’s made everything else so insignificant, moments that I was afraid of and moments that would overwhelm me have now become a joy because I see how not serious they are compared to what is really important, which is Noah and Eli and that’s it.’

Bublé, 41, has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide with his smooth covers of jazz standards and original songs. He married Lopilato, 29, in 2011.

Actress Luisana told Page Six earlier this year that the doting parents love nothing more than spending all their time with their boys.

‘We are a little weird about our kids. We love to be with our kids a lot. When we are out for one hour, we miss them.’

In June 2015, Noah sustained ‘serious burns’ after an accident involving scalding water.

After a stay in hospital, Michael announced that his son was ‘happy and healthy on what turned out to be a great Canada day. 

‘We want to thank you for the love and concern you have shown for our little guy through this difficult time.’

Michael was in the States when his wife rushed their son to Hospital Alemán in Buenos Aires on June 25.

According to, Noah suffered ‘six percent burns from scalding water as a result of a domestic accident.’

Luisana tweeted in her native tongue at the time of the accident: ‘My son is really well. God willing we’ll be able to go home soon.’

After revealing the devastating cancer reality, hundreds of fans and fellow celebrities tweeted their support to the singer in the wake of the tragic news.

Josh Groban wrote: ‘My family & I send all our love &prayers to @michaelbuble’s 3 year old son Noah as fights cancer. Stay strong little guy.’

Christina Perri tweeted: ‘Adding little Noah Bublé to my prayers everyday. I hope you do the same’.

The official Twitter account for Macmillan Cancer wrote: ‘We’re saddened to hear about the cancer diagnosis of Michael Buble’s son, Noah. We’re sending the family and their loved ones our thoughts.’

Childhood cancer is rare and it is believed that just one in every 500 youngsters will develop a form of the disease by the time they turn 14. Boys are slightly more at risk than girls.

The most common form is leukaemia, which accounts for almost one third of child sufferers.

While brain and spinal cord tumours are the next most common – believed to be responsible for a quarter of infancy cases.

Some types – including embryonal tumours, such as neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma and Wilms tumour and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – occur most commonly in under-fives.

It is the most common cause of death in children in the UK and the US, responsible for nearly one fifth – with brain tumours being the most deadly.

The past few decades have seen dramatic improvements in the outlook for children diagnosed with cancer.

Fifty years ago, three quarters of children diagnosed with cancer died; today more than three quarters survive.

The average five year survival rate, across all childhood cancer types, is 82 per cent.

Children often undergo surgery to remove their tumour or receive chemotherapy to kill off their cancerous cells.

Radiotherapy is also commonly used if the cancer is in just one area of the body, while a new type of treatment known as immunotherapy is beginning to be used by allowing the child’s own immune system to attack the tumour.

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