Melt Fat Like Crazy by Consuming This Drink on an Empty Stomach

This drink is really easy to prepare and the results are more than extraordinary. You will melt fat faster than before only if you consume it always on an empty stomach.

Melt Fat Like Crazy by Consuming This Drink on an Empty Stomach

This amazing fat-burning combination will do wonders for your body. When lemons, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, mint and ginger are mixed together they create really powerful beverage that will help you dissolve fat deposits, flush out toxins and melt excess fat really fast if consumed regularly.

This is healthy regime for losing fat and reducing weight fast and you should practice often if you want to get great results in really short period of time. During consuming this drink you will remove all the excess water within your body, cleanse your liver and fully detox your cells. This way the metabolism will significantly improve, the body will burn more calories and strengthen your immunity which will additionally facilitate the fat losing process and reducing of weight.

Be determined and persistent with drinking this slimming beverage.The results will become faster than you expect. You will melt fat with an extreme speed, reduce waistline, shed belly fat and slim down without starving or any special diet.


3 lemons

2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

1 cucumber

10 mint leaves

a thumb of ginger

3 liters water


Juice 1 lemon, slice the other 2, slice the cucumber, chop the mint leaves, grate the ginger, and put all these ingredients in the water. Add the end add the apple cider vinegar, stir well and store it in the fridge. Let it stay overnight and consume the next day throughout the day, but make sure you always consume it on an empty stomach. For example, you can consume it before breakfast, but not immediately after that. You can take this drink at least 2 hours after eating.

2 Responses to Melt Fat Like Crazy by Consuming This Drink on an Empty Stomach

  1. Paul M. says:

    I understand what you are recommending except a THUMB of ginger??? What is that?


    • Camille says:

      Paul, a thumb of ginger is one of the “knobs” on the ginger root itself. I guess they call it a “thumb” because it slightly looks like one. So just remember, when you need a thumb of ginger, just cut one of the knobs off of the ginger. Hope this helps.

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