Man Healed 5000 Peoples From CANCER: This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of TUMOR In 90 Days – Video

A debate about the medical use of marijuana, led Rick Simpson to Belgrade. He is acclaimed for using cannabis to cure about 5,000 people with various forms of cancer and tumors.


It is believed by Simpson that cannabis which has been used by natives for centuries can be effective in the treatment of various ailments like diabetes, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Rick Simpson is a living example of the healing power of cannabis as he had cured himself 12 years ago of a very severe case of skin cancer, even though he is not a medical doctor.

Rick Simpson had skin lesions on his face surgically operated on by doctors in 2002 but with no success. He was even told by the doctors that there was nothing else they could do.

The lesions would reappear and Rick who had an interest in plant life was determined to find a solution to his problem. One day while observing his scars in a mirror he recalled a study he had heard on the effects of THC on cancer, this spurred him on to apply some cannabis oil on his scars and he then covered the scars up using bandages and then placed himself on observation.

In just four days the scars were gone and his skin was clear and smooth again. Excitedly, he informed anyone who cared to listen how he had cured himself, however no one was interested in his “theory”. Rick said people just laughed at him and didn’t believe him one bit.

Yet Rick was determined not to be ridiculed and to use his new found knowledge to help people with cancer.

One interesting case he recalls is that of an 80 year old man who was bed ridden and dying of lung cancer. The man’s doctor had given him just 48 hours to live before his son took him to Rick.

At the time the man was nearly breathing, he had open wounds on his leg and chemotherapy had made him swell up.

Rick suggested a cannabis oil treatment which his son recommended to his father’s doctor that declined the use of this firm of therapy.

The elderly man’s son then decided to take matters in his own hands and proceeded to administer cannabis oil to his father. Amazingly in 30 minutes his father’s breathing improved and he could breathe normally.

The man’s son then checked his father out of the hospital and stopped administering his prescription drugs but rather continued the cannabis oil treatment.

By the sixth week of therapy the elderly man stopped taking insulin shots as there was no more need for it and by the third month his lung cancer had completely gone.

For the elderly man’s treatment Rick needed raw cannabis and so he started to cultivate marijuana which got him in trouble with the law as in just 3 years of cultivating the herb, his home had been raided four times by the police and he had also been threatened with jail time of between 5 to 40 years for claiming that he could use cannabis to cure cancer.

Rick Simpson spent four days in jail before being charged with owning, cultivating and selling marijuana back in 2005 and only escaped a possible 12 year prison sentence with a 2,000 dollar fine.

The irony was that some of the jurors consisted of people that had family members cured of cancer by Rick’s cannabis oil therapy.

At the trial Rick was not allowed to present any evidence nor provide any of his patients testimony, it was a farce.

In truth Rick never sold cannabis as a recreational drug, but instead as a curative recipe. On he posted his recipe which consists of several drops, to be administered three times everyday.

Rick stares that he normally administers about 60 grams of cannabis oil daily and for 99 days in the treatment of cancer. He also said that cannabis oil can be administered at any stage of the cancer as it is never too late to do so.

Rick Simpson also approves the smoking if marijuana as it us scientifically proven that people who do live six years longer than those who don’t, although it is not as effective as the cannabis oil.

He Advocates that cannabis should be cultivated by anyone around the world and that pharmacies should readily have the herb available to anyone who wants to use it for medical purposes.

He stated that a large number of people are not aware that cannabis has been used for centuries as an effective healing herb and that the only reason why this herb is being outlawed is because of the greed of the large pharmaceutical corporations who want to have unlimited control of the prescribed cancer medication and other drugs market.


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