Maintain weight to keep fit with simple food habits

After reducing weight, maintaining it is the toughest challenge most of the people face. So, is there a recipe or an alternate route? If not easy routes, there are certainly approaches to tone up the body.

According to Truweight’s Nutritionist ShunmukhaPriya says, ” If you change your dietary patterns like reducing salt, sugar, and oil in your normal diet and add some lifestyle changes, you can accomplish a thin and fit body. Here are few tips below that can help you stay in shape.

1.Eathome-cooked food

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Cooking at home is not favored in this quick paced way of life as everyone is busy, in any case, we should understand that nothing is better than home-made food. The most important part is, we can have a control in the method for cooking, which is additionally a vital factor in reducing our waistline. For instance, barbecuing or baking is always superior to deep frying.

2. Drink plenty of water 


Drinking water on empty stomach in the morning helps in boosting digestion. It additionally helps in disposing of the body poisons. Additionally, drinking water benefits skin, kidneys and aids in weight reduction.

3. Control the intake of salt


It is extremely important to take care of your every-day salt intake. This point additionally recommends you maintain a strategic distance from the junk food we are really fond of.Food like chips, pickle, other junkis generally rich in salt which expands our sodium content. So, keep the salt shaker away.

4. Don’t Starve yourself



To reduce weight doesn’t mean you should quit eating. That is the worst thing one can do to themselves. Our body needs nourishment to function and it comes from the right food we eat. Just chose the right kind of food that helps your body functioning and is not only for the taste for your tongue.

5. ways to abstain from starving 

1.) Eat 4-5 small meals every day.

2.) Stay away from long gaps between meals else that will make you hungry and you will find yourself eating whatever junk you get.

3.) Work on your portion size

4.) Incorporate high fiber food

5.) Stay away from zero diet plans.

5. Go for walk after dinner

Go for a walk after dinner for at least 15 minutes. Walking post your dinner is more effective in weight reduction. Make it a regular habit.

6. Exercise

To reduce weight, one needs to sweat a bit. Indeed, in the event that you are very dedicated towards your weight loss goal go for a work out of 1 hour at least 3 times a week. You can include yoga, Zumba, running, swimming or any cardio in your exercise plan.

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