Magnificent Smoothie for Losing Weight and Burning Fats

magnificent smoothie for losing weight and burning fats

People spend a lot of money on expensive weight loss supplements which prove to be only harmful for their health. Instead of losing nerves over weight,  prepare to learn about the incredible combination that will get you the body of your dreams.

Today is not a secret that pineapple is the leading fruit for burning abdominal fats in an efficient and healthy way. It contains the enzyme bromelain which is regarded as a magical solution in terms of losing weight and burning fats.

Bananas are perfect way for people who are looking to reduce weight through sound nutrition. They provide energy with fat-free package of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

But be careful with consuming bananas in large quantities. Eating too many can lead to slowing down metabolism.To be on the safe side, eat no more than 2 bananas a day and try to combine these sweet fruit with neutral spinach or parsley which function as weight loss and diuretic agents  flushing out all the unnecessary byproducts.

For those who don’t like vegetables that much, preparing fruit-based smoothies is an ideal way to include vegetables  on regular basis in your diet. The moment you do that, you will instantly notice how positively they affect your body.

Spinach should definitely be your choice for improving your weight loss program. It is nutritional superstar because it possesses a lot of minerals and vitamins that can not be found in other foods. It is an excellent source of folic acid and potassium and a great source of another powerful antioxidant-vitamin C which is significantly helpful in promoting healthy weight loss. Moreover, spinach contains twice as much fiber as other greens. Lipoic acid is also included in its composition which is necessary for the regeneration of vitamins C and E respectively. Regular consumption of spinach can get amazing weight loss results in just five days. In addition it can offer your body full detox.

Grapefruit is known as a fast and safe promoter of melting pounds and shaping your body.

Combine these ingredients together and get a perfect potion which will help you a great deal in controlling your weight and keeping  it within the limits.

Awesome Smoothie for Losing Weight and Burning Fats

Necessary ingredients:

  • 1 cup pineapple chunks 
  • a handful of spinach 
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2  cup grapefruit juice
  • ice cubes ( optional)


Combine all the ingredient in a blender until you get incredibly tasty and vibrant looking smoothie. Pour in glasses, garnish with slices of banana and pineapple and a spinach leaf between. Prepare for the best smoothie you have ever tried. Enjoy!

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