Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Dig into some healthy comfort food with these savory and satisfying Loaded Sweet Potatoes. Kind of like nachos but not.

OK… so I was going to call this recipe Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos because that’s what I was in the mood for.  But seeing as the recipe doesn’t include chips or cheese, I didn’t want a ton of comments telling me that these were not really nachos (details!  details!)  But in my mind, I am eating nachos when I eat this dish.

I’m always looking for ways to recreate healthier versions of my favorite comfort foods. Nachos loaded with all the things is definitely at the top of my list.  But seeing as I don’t feel hot when I eat corn or dairy, I’ve been depriving myself.  Until now!

Start with sweet potato rounds

The recipe is so simple! Bake your sweet potato rounds.  Brown and season your meat. Add whatever toppings make you happy.  And then stuff your face. Feel happy.  End of story.

Load up with your favorite nacho toppings

As you can see, I loaded my sweet potato rounds with spiced turkey meat, olives, radishes, mangoes, jalapeños, avocados, and cilantro. I LOVE the combination of sweet mangoes and spicy jalapeños. I also drizzled on a bit of coconut cream (the thick part that separates from full fat coconut milk) with a squeeze of lime and salt added.  Holy yum!  Better than sour cream.

But feel free to load up whatever you like.  Tomatoes. green chilis. sauerkraut, chopped lettuce, cheese, real sour cream, etc. There are no rules except just pile it on.

These Loaded Sweet Potatoes are a great way to mix it up for dinner.  Serve with a big green salad for an easy meal.  They’re also a fun way to feed a crowd.  Double the recipe and watch people go to town and devour.

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