Liver Cleansing Drink That Burns Belly Fat in Just 48 Hours

This is a perfect homemade drink that helps you lose belly fat in record time and at the same time cleanses your liver of all the accumulated toxins giving you strength and vitality.

Liver Cleansing Drink that Burns Belly Fat in 48 Hours

All the listed ingredients in the recipe are great for slimming your belly as they have high level of enzymes which stimulate the digestive system and help in lowering the negative influence that the food consumed in large quantities have on your body.

Rich in antioxidants, this beverage helps for detoxification of the liver and once the liver is completely cleansed of all the impurities, the fat melting process is considerably faster and more effective than before.

Avoid eating bread and high carb foods during these 48 hours and make sure your introduce some clean eating meals on your menu.

Drink this instead of water and every time you feel hungry. It will significantly help you decrease your appetite, curb food cravings particularly sugar cravings, burn calories and melt abdominal fat.


2 tbs. ginger juice

3 tbs. lemon juice

4 tbs. aloe vera juice

3 liters water


Combine all the ingredients in a glass pitcher, stir well and store it in the fridge. Consume throughout the day, always on an empty stomach so that the drink has the maximum effect on your system.

The ingredients are enough for one day. Repeat the same procedure for the next day. You will notice how your belly will slim down and you will feel better. If it is necessary make a one day break and repeat this for another 48 hours.

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