Light Green Smoothie for Extra Health

Light Green Smoothie for Extra HealthHow many days have passed since you have found a really easy-to-make recipe with extra benefits for your health. What we offer you today is an incredibly tasty green smoothie,made in a minute, that you can treat your family and friends with and in a way contribute to their health.

Kale is referred to as a miracle food because of the amazing beneficial effects it has on the body. It is an excellent source of vitamin K, A, C, then calcium, iron, fibre etc. It significantly strengthens the muscles and bones, prevents osteoporosis, anemia and cancer, aids in healthy losing weight, boosts energy and memory and fully detoxifies liver.

Bananas are famous for their immense health benefits. They are loaded with potassium which is crucial to maintain fluid balance within the body and prevent hypertension. They boost brain power and promote good concentration and memory. In addition, bananas contain dopamin and serotonin and they are known to enhance mood, help with sleeping disorders and prevent neurodegenerative conditions.

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