LATEST STUDY This Green Herb Could Prevent 5 Different Types of Cancer Including Lung, Liver, Ovarian and Melanoma

Moringa is usually described as the “drumstick tree”, “horseradish tree”, or “miracle tree”, with a small and rounded leaves packed with a great amount of nutrition, as beta-carotene, potassium, Vitamin C, calcium, protein, and more. For more than 4000 years moringa is used as a food source and for medicinal purposes.

LATEST STUDY This Green Herb Could Prevent 5 Different Types of Cancer Including Lung, Liver, Ovarian and Melanoma

As part of traditional medicine its leaves have been used for centuries. The Ayurvedic medicine use moringa as a cure and prevention of more than 300 diseases.

The seeds from moringa have been proven to work better for water purification than many of the conventional synthetic materials that are used nowadays. Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, etc.

100 Grams of dry Moringa leaf includes:

  • 10 times the vitamin A of carrots
  • 17 times the calcium of milk
  • 9 times the protein of yogurt
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas
  • 25 times the iron of spinach
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges

Moringa leaves contain powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, beta-carotene, chlorogenic acid, and vitamin C. Recently it has been proven that chlorogenic acid slows the cells’ sugar absorption and the animal researchers have shown it to lower the blood sugar levels.

Scientists claim that women who took 7 gr of moringa leaf powder a day for 3 moths reduced their blood sugar levels by 13.5 %.

Many studies show that moringa leaves contain powerful compound known as niaziminin, responsible for their amazing anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. Also, initial experimentation shows actions against the Epstein-Barr virus. All these incredible compounds in the moringa leaf aid to regulate thyroid function, mostly in cases of hyper -active thyroid. Some further researches point to great anti-viral activities in case of Herpes simplex 1.

Moringad eserves a huge place in the natural medicine because is a great and really valuable plant in the home pharmacy.

Today, moringa is extensively cultivated through Africa, Caribbean and Central America, and Asia. Still, natively it grows in India where the largest Moringa crop in the whole world is produced in. It is really significant to note that can be a reason why the death rate from pancreatic cancer in India is 84 percent lower than in America.

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