Kidney Stone: How to Dissolve It In Just 6 Days?

Kidney stones are caused by too much salt in our meals that stimulates secretion of calcium in the urine and they usually contain calcium. Some other types of stones are made by the urinary acid, as a result of proteins in some diets.


To stop creation of stones in your kidney you need to limit the consummation of salt. You should drink a lot of fluids and you should decrease the amount of calcium and proteins in your diet. Also other important thing is to take a lot of vitamins, other minerals, and vegetables such as celery, cauliflower, basil and other leafy green veggies. Some of the important foods that you should take are:

  1. Lemon juice, olive oil and apple vinegar

One of the best and the most effective juice for gallstones and kidney is lemon juice. After noticing the first symptoms you should mix 60 ml of lemon juice and 60 ml of olive oil. After drinking this drink take 350 ml of water and one tbsp. of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Bearberry tea

One of the most famous tea for bladder and kidney stones is bearberry tea. This tea can remove the pain and reduce the infections. People who have kidney stones have to drink 500 ml of this tea daily.

  1. Radish- Raphanus sativus-Cruciferae

This herb has: vitamins, sodium, potassium and magnesium. If you want to heal gallstones you have to take in the morning freshly made juice for 2 months. You will have to consume it on this way:

– First day one small cup

– Second day two small cups

– Third day three small cups

– Forth day four small cups, and then you have to reduce the dose

– Fifth day three small cups

– Sixth day two small cups

– Seventh day on small cup

After taking these doses make a pause of eight days, and then use it on the same way.

  1. Basil

Kidney stones can also be healed with tea of basil. It has positive effect on the kidney health. For treating kidney stones mix some honey and one spoon of basil juice.


Herbs that can clean the kidneys:




-Marshmallow root


Vitamins and minerals that take part in the process of kidneys cleaning

-Vitamin B6

-Vitamin B2


Try this recipe. It has positive effects on your kidney health.

Necessary ingredients:

-100 ml olive oil (cold pressed)

-100 ml lemon juice

-100 ml beer

Put all the ingredients in a bottler and consume 50ml every day on an empty stomach in the morning. Shake the bottle before use, and you should clear the stones in maximum 6 days.

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