Ketogenic Diet Treats Migraines, Autism and Depression and Kills Cancer Cells!

There are many studies suggesting that nutritional ketosis or a ketogenic diet  can help in cases of a variety of health problems, such as obesity.

Ketogenic Diet Treats Migraines, Autism and Depression and Kills Cancer Cells!

To explain you more deeply, the metabolic systems of people who follow a ketogenic diet do not use carbs as fuel, but fats. Hence, those following this diet should introduce more beneficial fats in their meals, such as avocado, grass-fed butter, organic pastured eggs, and coconut oil. Also, they should consume more raw nuts, including macadamia nuts and pecans.

Namely, the ketogenic diet includes about 50-70% of these healthy fats. As this diet includes minimal carb consumption, the body should start burning fats instead of carbs, so the body generates ketones. Moreover, the ketones are produced of fats that are processed in the liver.

In addition, those following this type of diet want to make their bodies reach this metabolic state. But, keep in mind that you can reach this state by carbohydrates starvation. There is no doubt that in case you diet lacks carbohydrates, but abounds in healthy fats, your body will start burning ketones. Furthermore, it will be its main energy source.

Here Is Why You Should Follow a Ketogenic Diet:

– Helps in Weight Loss Process

Medical experts claim that decreasing the intake of carbs is an efficient option to lose weight. As mentioned previously, the ketogenic diet consists of very low carb intake, so it can help in the process of losing weight. Plus, it primarily includes fat and protein, which make the body burn and use fats as energy. In such a way, the body produces ketones and helps you lose extra pounds.

– Helps in Cancer Treatment

Did you know that cancerous cells are fed on sugar, which stimulates cancer growth? However, the ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and sugar and therefore it can help in treating cancer. Namely, the healthy body cells can actually use fat as a source of energy, whereas cancerous cells cannot.

According to Dr. Eugene Fine, ketones change the energy process accessibility in the abnormal cells, thus fighting cancer. Additionally, Redox Biology published a review that provides promising results on the treatment of colon, gastric, and prostate cancer. That’s not all, the team of Dr. Fine published another review suggesting a diet that inhibits insulin is a completely safe option for those suffering from advanced cancer.

– Promotes Optimal Brain Health

Behavioral Pharmacology published a study showing that the ketogenic diet can also help in the treatment of many neurological disorders. It has been found that this diet can reduce the terrible symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

What’s more, there are also other studies confirming that the ketogenic diet helps in cases of autism. Researchers have concluded that there is a strong correlation between autism and epilepsy. Moreover, autism sufferers experience seizures due to brain cell over-excitement. Also, another study has shown that autistic children following a ketogenic diet for six months had great improvements in their condition.


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