Japanese Scientists with New Method for Early Diagnosis of Cancer

The National Cancer Center in Japan plans to develop a new method that would allow early diagnosis of 13 types of cancers using a simple blood test.

Japanese Scientists New Method for Early Diagnosis of Cancer

The value of this project is immeasurable as it will contribute to the detection of breast, abdomen, bones, lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, colon, ovarian, prostate and bladder cancer. The method can also help for early detection of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The essence of this method is the micro ribonucleic acid (micro RNA) whose increase is assumed to be a sign for developing cancer.

Several research teams from Europe and the United States are also interested in the role of micro RNK in various cancers, but Japanese scientists think they their advanced technology can help them get better results in their research.

This project will bring together 65,000 patients who will be selected by the Japanese National Cancer Center. The utility of micro RNA in the prediction of cancer will be a major breakthrough in the field of medicine and benefit for all mankind.

The value of the project is 57 million euros and it is expected to achieve revolutionary discovery when it comes to prevention of cancer on time.

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