Is The Ebola Vaccine A Genetic Bioweapon?

What’s happened to the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which has been renamed Ebola virus?

According to this video

Ebola has been genetically engineered as something deviously sinister, which probably can be labeled as “Ebola Gate” according to Attorney Alfred Webre and the Exopolitics website.

I don’t wish to take Attorney Webre’s website’s “thunder,” so I heartily suggest readers study the right side panel titled “EbolaGate” for a better understanding of what’s in a probable future offering of medical false flags or possibly population control agendas.

According to that website,

Most of the new vaccines are DNA vaccines which don’t just give someone a bit of a virus so people’s bodies react. The DNA or GMO vaccines actually alter human DNA just as “food” GMOs do to plants.

These vaccines have never been approved for human use.

In addition, they are creating more virulent viruses with new characteristics and new dangers.

[CJF emphasis]

That particular website has some extremely interesting information regarding ‘vaccine politics’ healthcare consumers ought to know and factor into their informed consent criteria and enforcement, in my opinion.

Farther down on that website, there’s a most interesting topic “Mycoplasma,” which is a “hidden ingredient” in many, if not all, vaccines.

The researcher who contributed to that website found something folks have talked about and others claimed was “conspiracy theory,” but has been confirmed in the 2017 ICD-10-CM Codes regarding “execution, any method.” [1] However, something is missing; what’s missing? Vaccines and false flag events! Doesn’t that execution list resemble something the military would prepare?

In view of what’s known regarding FRAUD at the CDC/FDA regarding vaccine damage, e.g., Autism from whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, CDC epidemiologist, what we are learning about vaccines from independent research of vaccines’ sordid history, categorically, they ought to be classified as a “bioweapon,” in my opinion.

What do you think?

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