Is It Safe to Microwave Your Food in a Plastic Container? You Will Be Surprised With The Result!

Whenever you cook a nice meal and have some leftovers most of the time you place them in plastic containers so that the food can be stored in the fridge for the next day. And the rest of the world does exactly the same! Since the food is already in a plastic container it is easy to place that container with leftovers directly in a microwave. Though it will save you from making an extra plate dirty and may seem like a good idea, never ever microwave food in plastic containers!

Is It Safe to Microwave Your Food in a Plastic Container- You Will Be Surprised With The Result!

When plastic containers are made a mixture of organic chemical substances is heated at high temperatures until it is fully melted and fitted into a mold of a particular shape and then allowed to cool down. At low and regular temperatures these chemical substances will not leach from plastic into the food, however at high temperatures that occur during microwaving small amounts of chemicals can leach into the food.  The chemical substances that are used to make these containers are oily in nature and have high affinity for fatty particles. That is why there is a greater risk of leaching when you microwave fatty foods like cheeses and meats in your plastic containers! Remember to always place the food from plastic container on a glass or ceramic plate before using a microwave.

You may be surprised to learn that Health Canada does not test the safety of chemical substances found in empty plastic containers that we all buy at the grocery stores, unless they are labeled microwave safe. If the plastic container is labeled as microwave safe then it has been tested by Health Canada and approved for public use. However, keep in mind that containers deemed safe for public use are allowed to leach minute amounts of chemical substances into your food.

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