Interesting Drink to Help you Lose Weight in One Day

Interesting Drink to Help you Lose Weight in One DayLosing weight fast is not recommended by doctors as it might sometimes lead to serious complications of overall health and you run the risk of returning the lost pounds.

That is why we want to introduce a simple way for healthy weight loss that would be beneficial for your health as well.

This magical combination will aid in flushing impurities out of your system. It will contribute to the functioning of the body at optimal level as most of the fresh ingredients are alkaline-forming foods which have proved effective in the treatment of many other diseases. So your body will benefit not only reducing weight but also in combating various ailments that have been bothering for a while.

If you drink this potion every day, you will lose 1 pound in a day. This is a healthy program for losing weight and there is no way to return the lost pounds.

All you need to prepare this drink are several ingredients and the procedure is really easy.


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 medium-size fresh ginger root
  • water 


Slice the cucumber, grate the ginger, cut the lemon into wedges and put everything in a pitcher. Pour over water till it reaches the top, add the mint leaves and stir well. Keep this in the fridge over night and then it is ready for consumption.

The beverage you prepared should be drank 30 minutes before every meal you take. It is advisable to drink no more than 2 glasses.

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