Incredible Smoothie for Liver Cleansing

Liver filters all the toxins out of the blood stream so its regular cleansing is an essential part of any holistic health lifestyle.

Incredible Smootie for Liver CleansingWhen your liver is not performing well, you feel exhausted and without energy. This happens as a result of the liver being overloaded with harmful substances such as toxins, pesticides, alcohol or drugs which all have a negative impact on overall health condition.

Liver is body’s master cleansing organ which helps the body get rid of all impurities. Liver cleanse is the shortest and the most effective of all cleanses. People usually don’t pay serious attention to liver, but with more than 30 million Americans affected by liver disease, it is becoming a serious health issue.

Beetroot deserves the reputation as the best ingredient that cleanses the liver naturally. Betaine, a compound found in beetroot promotes the flow of bile for better digestion and liver detoxification.

Grapefruit is among the most famous liver cleansing foods. It detoxifies the body, removing free radicals from the body. It is an excellent natural source of the protein glutathione, vitamin C and antioxidants which all increase the production of liver detoxification enzymes.

Apples are rich source of pectin which is great for liver support and significantly facilitate the cleansing process.

If you want to support healthy liver function, then include Swiss chard in your diet. This grean leafy vegetable is a great source of syringic acid, a flavonoid necessary for prevention of liver degeneration and establishing optimal level of liver enzymes in the blood. It is perfect solution after a night of indulgence or to boost overall liver function.


  • 2 beetroots
  • 2 grapefruits
  • 1 apple
  • a cup of chopped Swiss chard


Combine the listed ingredients in a high-power blender and blend for a minute till you get a smooth mixture. Consume immediately.

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