If You Want To Help Your Baby At Any Time Read This Immediately!

Try with a massage and simple exercises that will help your baby get rid of cramps and bowel problems.


It can happen that with a natural diet the child may not have this problems for five to seven days. If it is eating well, without vomiting and with a good progresses in body mass – everything is fine.

If you suspect that your baby is battling or having convulsions, you can try the following:

  • Give the baby good tummy rubs in clockwise direction,
  • While changing your baby, lay it down on its back, and do these stretching exercises: stretch the baby’s left knee close to its right elbow six to eight times, then the left elbow to the right knee, and then mildly push the knees while the legs are bent toward the All this helps to start or speed up the bowels.
  • In circular motion, lightly press the “pads” under the fingers on your baby’s feet.

The bowel problems or cramps should not be provoked by placing a thermometer. If the baby is no longer having bowel problems and cramps and starts to vomit (especially yellow – green or brown contents), consult a doctor-pediatrician or a surgeon.


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