Hungry For a Big Mac? You Won’t Be After You Read These 10 Dirty Facts

Food cravings, especially the ones where you can’t stay away from unhealthy food or snacks, is often a sign that your body requires some kind of nutrient. We mostly crave fast or junk food, but according to experts, you might want to rethink your choices.

Why, you ask? Well, you might want to consider that your hamburger is actually a mixture of duck feathers and crushed beetles. Yes, that really happens. If you’ve got the cravings and you’re set on getting a Big Mac, continue reading below to see what’s in it. Maybe then you’ll change your mind.

Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is a potent fertilizer used in the buns which is also used to kill various insects.

Silicone oil

This type of oil can be found in Chicken McNuggets, but also in medical supplies and contact lenses.


Cysteine-L is an amino acid derived from duck feathers or human hair that is added to the patty for flavor. It’s a dangerous compound which gives the bread its softness, but also harms your health.


Although the FDA consider TBHQ safe for consumption in limited amounts, scientific studies say otherwise. TBHQ is present in almost any McDonalds meal.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is found in food, cigarettes and anti-freeze as well. Do you want to put that in your mouth?

Prescription drugs

According to scientists from the Hopkins University, ducks are often bred with drugs such as antidepressants which end up in the feathers. Considering that McDonalds uses duck feather derivatives in their products, it means that you’re ingesting drugs as well.


This substance is often present in deep fried foods as well as in contact lenses, cosmetics, nail polish, heat-resistant lenses and other things.

Carminic acid

Carminic acid gives the patty its red color, but the problem is that it’s synthesized by Cochineal beetles.


Cellulose is found in almost any type of fast food and is incredibly harmful for our health.

Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide is a chemical used to keep chili sauces from bonding. This compound also contains industrial sand, which is not something you’d want to eat.

Still hungry for a Big Mac after reading this list? Yeah, we didn’t think so. If you ever crave a sandwich again, you can prepare one at your home from hand-picked ingredients. It will certainly do your health more good.

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