How to Make Balloon Chocolate Bowls (Video)

This is a fun & easy project, although it can be messy! The chocolate bowls can hold all kinds of goodies including ice cream, mousse, fruit, pretzel sticks, chocolate candy, or any other treat you have in mind. You can get as creative as you want with using white chocolate that has been colored (with specially formulated coloring oils) and coordinate the theme of your party or event.

How to Make Balloon Chocolate Bowls

We recommend making more balloons than you’ll need because chances are good that when you deflate some of the chocolate covered balloons the chocolate might fall apart for one reason or another! You can always reuse the chocolate…don’t worry!


  • 250g dark, quality chocolate (or white or milk, depending on what you’re making)
  • Vegetable spray


You’ll Also Need:

6 balloons, washed and dried (please note: some people are severely allergic to latex. Make sure that if you use latex balloons anybody eating your bowls know you used balloons to make it)

Microwave proof bowl

Cookie sheet

Parchment paper


1.Fill each balloon with air. The balloon should not be blown any larger than 6-8 inches (15-20cm). Tie off with a knot. Then spray each balloon with a vegetable spray; this will make it much easier to remove the set chocolate bowl at the end.

2.Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

3.Melt or temper the chocolate. Either place into the microwave to melt or use a double boiler. If you do use a microwave to melt it, do not overcook the chocolate.

4.Allow the chocolate to cool for about 5-10 minutes until it doesn’t feel so warm when you touch it. The balloons will burst if the chocolate is too warm.

Even though you’ve allowed for cooling, the balloon can still pop, so it’s recommended that when you dip the balloons, you work quickly and don’t leave the balloon in for too long at any point of the dipping process.

5.Dip the balloon into the cooled chocolate. To do this:

Hold the balloon by its knot at an angle. Dip into the chocolate to the level you’d like the bowl; only one portion of the bowl will be touching the melted chocolate at this stage. Then, tilt the angle the other way and dip again. Do this angle changing a few times, then to create a smooth coat on the chocolate, simply turn the balloon around slowly in the melted chocolate.

Take the balloon out and allow any excess chocolate to drip back into the melted chocolate.

6.Pour one teaspoon of melted chocolate onto the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Aim to make a circle.

7.Place the dipped balloon onto the chocolate circle.

8. Leave to set. Place the chocolate balloons in a cool, dry place to set. If you find the room is too warm, either take to another room or place in the refrigerator for around 10 minutes to half an hour. Don’t have anything strong-smelling in the refrigerator at the same time or it might cross-contaminate the chocolate. Also be aware that some chocolate may bloom if refrigerated but since this is such a short time, it should be okay.

9. Remove the bowls from the balloons. First, remove the balloon and bowl from the cookie sheet. If the base is stuck, gently slide a knife under to remove it. Then stick a pin into the balloon at the top or cut a little peace at the knot and allow the air to expel slowly. Don’t rush this part or the bowls may blow apart (Tip: place a piece of cellophane tape onto the balloon where you puncture it with a pin – this will reduce chance of popping the balloon). Then, ease the bowls out from the base of the balloon––you may need to peel off some of the balloon.

10.Fill the bowls with the delicacy of your choice. Suitable additions include small fruits such as strawberries or cherries, a fruit salad for dessert, small cookies, truffles, little chocolates, candies, etc. You might even scoop in some mousse, cold custard or ice cream.

If using the bowls as a gift, such as filled with truffles, wrap in clear cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon bow.

Watch this video and try if you can make these amazing balloon chocolate bowls.

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  1. Dylan says:

    That’s so cool. But, you know, if you DON’T remove the balloon, that would make a perfect prank setup =)

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