How Science Helps for Saving Our Health

How Science Helps for Saving Our Health

Although genes play a vital role in determining our general medical state, yet the implementation of  scientific findings  can significantly decrease the risk for developing certain diseases. Find out what you can do to achieve optimum health.

When it comes to depression, the average risk for women developing depression is 22%. This percentage raises to 42% if one of the parents has suffered depression before. Although scientists claim that heritage factor is closely connected with depression, there are not any tests which can determine the possibility for having depression at a specific period in life.

How to Reduce the Risk for the Occurrence of Depression?

Follow these simple tips for Healthy and Prosperous Life:

  • Drink Coffee!   According to researches, women who drink two cups of coffee every day reduce the risk for depression by 15 %. If it is possible sprinkle just a little bit cinnamon over the coffee. This will boost your memory as well.

How Science Helps for Saving Our Health4

  • Include Mediterranean food in your diet!  Including fresh fruits and vegetables,olive oil, different kinds of fish and nuts, Mediterranean cuisine can decrease the chances  for developing depression by 30 %.  All these ingredients abound with Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are proven to stimulate better mood.

How Science Helps for Saving Our Health1

  • Be Physically Active! Doing light exercises or taking a walk regularly improves your mental state and reduces depression by 47 %. Try to stay active for at least 45 minutes during the day. If you are already depressed, this will definitely alleviate the symptoms of depression.

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