How much water should you drink a day?

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, around 60%, says science. And we are constantly losing this amount each day, through sweat and urine.
Some opine eight ounces and others say half a gallon. But most would say 8-ounces of water would be the best to follow. And then there are those that say you should sip as much as possible water.

It is also said if you drink half a litre of water before every meal, you end up eating half the calories.

Now that you know about how much water to drink in a day and why, let’s take a look at the twelve tips on how to drink more water in a day, shall we?

Tips to Drink More Water

  1. Get an infused drink to the pitcher of water and you wouldn’t find drinking more water during the day as a boring act. Use one of our various combos shown above or curate your own infused water drink, and drink away.
  2. After every bathroom break it would be wise to replenish the body with some more water. Remember, through urination and defecation, our body does lose a lot of water, and this is why the reserves need to be refilled or else you would be dehydrated.
  3. Before every meal, it would be wise to drink half a litre of water so that you eat less and lose more weight. More water also means that the digestive system would be kept in good stead and you wouldn’t have IBS to deal with the next morning.
  4. Use an app to track your drinking habits; we mean drinking water habits. This would be an ideal way to know how much water you are drinking and how to best avoid skipping a glass or two of the much needed water.
  5. Grab hold of a high tech drinking water bottle that keeps informing you when you drink water and how much more water should be in that bottle.
Water tracking

  1. If you ever have to drink something sugary, dilute it as much as possible with plenty of water and then have. This doesn’t mean you can drink sugary water and drinks everyday!
  2. Your work or study or office table should have a gallon jug beside you everyday. This would be a reminder to drink enough water in a day.
  3. Filter water for some tastes better than normal water, so invest in a filter.
  4. Instead of having colas and sodas, have sparkling water!
  5. Eat foods that are water rich- watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, grapefruit and more!
  6. For every glass of alcohol you drink have a cup of water right after it which shall avoid dehydration. The one-on-one rule should be followed, and
  7. Your water bottle should be marked!

We hope this mini guide on infused waters, how to make them and how they benefit you along with importance of water for the body, and tips on drinking water comes in handy.


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