How Eating Citrus Fruits Helps You Lose Weight by 50% More!

Citrus diet is one of the most effective fruit diets. Keeping this diet to the very end requires a strong will and perseverance, but the results will definitely surprise you. What are the benefits of citrus diet and how to include citrus fruits in your daily diet ?


Easy form of citrus diet and its advantages

If your daily diet includes citrus fruits – oranges , tangerines , lemons , grapefruit or lime , you can lose a few pounds without holding any particular diet . Researches show that citrus fruits help in burning fat because they contain enzymes that promote digestion. In addition, they are rich in vitamin C and that speeds up the metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body. The introduction of citrus fruits to your regular diet, can have only positive sides, so that this form of the citrus diet is in a way flawless.

Strict citrus diet- advantages and disadvantages

First of all, it should be noted that the strict citrus diet differs from the easy form in the restrictions of selecting products. The advantages of this diet are enabling rapid weight loss and a reduction of 16 to 30 pounds ( 8-15 kg ) per month. Although this result is not achieved that often, yet the average you can lose is about 20 pounds (10 kg).

Due to the extreme restrictions of this diet , it is not recommended a continuous holding of this diet. Nutritionists advise to stick to the diet in cycles of 5 to 7 days, followed by a pause of three days.

Example of daily menu

Your menu should look like this :

Breakfast : 1 cup of fresh orange juice or grapefruit

Lunch : one grapefruit and two kiwi

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs

Before going to bed you can drink low -fat yogurt

During the citrus diet you should always drink tea from herbs, green tea and lemonade without any sugar. Once in a period of three days,for breakfast you are allowed to eat boiled egg with a slice of bread and cheese with less fat.

If you have problems with stomach this diet is not for you! Also, if you have problem with hypoglycemia – forget the diet .

It is best to use this diet as a quick detox plan, after a period in which you have crossed the limits with food consumption or if you want to lose weight fast for an important event.


It is known that citrus fruits contain acids that encourage the breakdown of fat. This diet will help you lose weight fast and this will motivate you to continue to adhere to the diet.Despite having fruit acids, citrus fruits have vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that positively affect metabolic processes in the body.


Rapid weight loss can be harmful and if you have extra pounds such weight loss can leave visible signs ( such as loose skin) that can not be easily removed so you need to do some exercises while following this diet. Furthermore, the rapid loss of weight always comes with the risk of quickly returning them. So, stick to the diet , and after you finish it, please introduce a new, different and healthy diet.

Citrus fruits don’t have many calories, so it’s possible to experience fatigue or headache during the period of the diet. To put it in simple words, during this diet you will be hungry because of the low number of calories you consume.

Extra Tip

If you quickly need to lose a few pounds you can try to do that with this diet. However, strictly follow the recommendations: the quantity of lost pounds may not be greater than 5 % to 7 % of body weight. Moreover, you should take a break after you finish the cycle  of 5 to 7 days.  If you decide to keep more cycles it is recommended to consult with a doctor or other professional who deals with nutrition.

This diet can demonstrate excellent results as long as you are willing enough to achieve your goal-losing weight. Good luck !

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