How Age Affects Female Fertility?

how age affects female fertilityExperts confirm that the chances for pregnancy are significantly lower after the age of 32, and even lower after 37.

This statement is not an alarm and it shouldn’t impose any pressure on women. It is out of question that age is the only potential cause of infertility.

In fact, women shouldn’t be restricted to years when it comes to giving birth to a child. The only things to underline here are the facts and the time frame which women should use in order to organize themselves accordingly.

Although such claims sound as age discrimination, yet experts just want to state what the natural science acknowledges.They explain that fertility is indeed associated with the age of woman and it is due to the biochemical processes that happen within the body. Experts say that it is much easier for women to get pregnant in the early 30s than in the late 30s.

Women who postpone motherhood, should regularly take care of their reproductive health, avoid stressful situations and lead healthy lifestyle with abundance of fresh food and plenty of water.


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