Homemade Juice that Kills Cancer Cells Without Chemotherapy

Here is a simple juice recipe to help you destroy cancer cells without the use of chemotherapy. All you need are several fresh ingredients which combined together create powerful mix that protects the body from all abnormal cells that develop.

Homemade Juice That Kills Cancer Cells Naturally

Carotenoids, natural antioxidants and immune modulators, contribute to protecting  our cells from the damage that is part of the physiology of both aging and cancer.

A diet low in carotenoids over the long term has been associated with higher risk for some cancers.

The effects of the super antioxidants is to protect your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are rogue single electrons that damage your DNA, your genetic material.  If your body cannot repair the damage, the beginning of an abnormal or cancer cell is born.

Carotenoids and Vitamin A enhance the function of white blood cells which  support the immune system to fight both infections and cancer.

Carotenoids support the formation of white  blood cells called Natural Killer Cells that have the capacity to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Care has to be taken when attributing anti-cancer benefits to beta-carotene, as it is the precursor of vitamin A, which has been known to inhibit cancers since the 1940s. Nevertheless there are over 200 studies showing positive benefit for beta-carotene in the fight against cancer.

A study which started in the 70s in Switzerland and lasted 12 years concluded that men with a lower blood level of carotenoids had a higher cancer mortality rate. This was particularly true for cancer where the difference was 60%. Beta-carotene is known to have a particularly strong protective effect on epithelial tissues, e.g. the throat, intestines, lungs, colon and bladder.

In 1989 the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre linked high beta-carotene intake with lowered cervical cancer rates.

Five thousand and four women in Britain had samples of blood frozen and over a number of years their health was monitored by St Barts. Beta-carotene levels were almost 50 % higher in women without cancer than in the ones who developed breast cancer.

Another study showed that 44 % of people with colon cancer who were given 30 mg daily supplements had cancer inhibition after just two weeks. And researchers in Arizona showed supplementation, also using 30 mgs per day for pre-cancerous mouth lesions (Ieukoplakia), caused total or partial regression in 71 % of tumours.

After clinical trials on prostate, cervical, colon, melanoma and breast cancers, the US Prostate Cancer Research Institute concluded there was “sufficient reason to supplement with beta-carotene.”

On the other hand, the natural ability of parsley to strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins and protects us from cancer makes it a powerful herb. Parsley has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

Parsley contains some very unusual components, which can provide some very effective and protective health benefits. The first one is a volatile oil, which contains myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thuiene.

Parsley’s volatile oils in particular myristicin has been shown to inhibit tumor formation in animal studies, especially tumors in the lungs. The volatile oil is one of the reasons it qualifies as a chemoprotective food. The parsley herb can help neutralize certain carcinogens such as benzophrenes, which compose cigarette and charcoal grill smoke.

Parsley also is a dietary source of imperatorin and isopimpinellin, which have been shown to have chemopreventive effects in liver, lung and mammary epithelial cells. Parsley leaf oil and parsley seed oil contain myristicin, which has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of carcinogen-induced lung cancer in mice.

Salman Hyder, a University of Missouri researcher found that apigenin a compound found in both celery and parsley fights breast cancer tumor growth. The compound works to block new blood vessel formation in tumors. Dr. Hyder’s study was part of Cancer Prevention Research.

Regularly drinking this juice destroys cancer cells and regenerates the whole body without the use of any chemical agents. For cancer cure drink it at least 4-5 months 3 times a day. For cancer prevention drink it at least 3 weeks, then make 2 weeks break and repeat the treatment for 3 weeks more.

This is really effective natural anti-cancer drink that restores the whole body and brings numerous benefits in every possible way.

Serving Size-1


5 carrots

1 lemon

1/2 orange

half a bunch of parsley


Juice the ingredients to get the juice. This amount is enough only for one glass and you should consume this drink 3 times a day. You can prepare the 3 glasses in advance and keep the juice in a glass container in the fridge.

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