Highly Effective Drink That Removes Excess Fat by Cleansing the Liver in 3 Days

People experiencing overweight or having excess fat are usually required to cleanse the liver and go through the process of detoxification before doing anything else. Detoxing the body is the most crucial step for accomplishing most effective weight loss and fat loss results.

All the ingredients present in this recipe are highly effective for eliminating the toxins and impurities within your system, improving blood circulation and controlling the blood sugar level, processes that are essential for melting the fat and shedding the extra pounds. Once you get rid of the toxins, you will feel more energetic and active in daily activities.

Highly Effective Drink That Removes Excess Fat by Cleansing the Liver in 3 Days

Spinach, lemon, parsley and celery are great solutions for cleansing the liver and filtering the blood. They are high in antioxidants and low in calories making them perfect for boosting metabolism and triggering the fat melting hormones. They are also rich in fiber keeping you feel full for longer and suppressing the appetite. Being high in water, they will keep your body hydrated during the day and this will also contribute to easier and quicker reducing of weight and elimination of fat deposits.


4 lemons

a stalk of celery

a bunch of parsley

a cup of spinach

2 cups water


Combine the ingredients in a blender and process well. If you like you can add a teaspoon of honey but that is optional. Consume the drink 2-3 times a day always on an empty stomach and at least 1 hour before taking any meal. The amount of drink in the recipe is enough for a whole day, meaning you should consume it 2-3 times during the day. Repeat the procedure the following day.

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