Here is How to Melt the Excess Fat From the Stomach in Just 28 Days

You might like doing simple exercises, but believe it or not, the exercise “Plank” will melt the excess fat from the stomach and will strengthen the depth and external muscles of the back, trunk muscles, buttocks, arms and legs.

Here is How to Melt the Excess Fat From the Stomach in Just 28 DaysHere is How to Melt the Excess Fat From the Stomach in Just 28 DaysThe “Plank exercise” and all its variants are considered among the best 5 exercises in terms of efficiency for training the central part of the torso, especially the abs, without overloading the spine as often happens with the classic Sit Up (in particular if performed with an incorrect technique). The difficulty of this exercise is not so much in the movement, as in maintaining the “in line” position for a certain length of time and voluntarily contracting torso muscles (abdominal and oblique and lumbar abdominals) at the same time. This exercise is a “MUST” for those who want to improve their abdominal muscles but want to reduce the load on their back to a minimum.

The whole exercise is working on the way that has a holding in the top position of push-ups.The muscles work in a similar manner as in the push-ups – not radiate, neither cut, but deeply strengthened and become more resilient.
It is very important the correct position for performing the exercise. When you lift  the elbows and will rely on its toes, the important thing is the upper body to be a flat line.

The weight should classify on elbows and legs which will make tense muscles on the buttocks to get extra balance. Once you mastered the proper position, remains for you only to beat themselves in the challenge that lasts 28 days. Start with 15 seconds on the first day and in the following days steadily increase the time.

Watch this video to get the idea about the exercise and to see what mistakes you should avoid while doing this exercise.

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