Herb Reduces Pain, Arthritis Symptoms, and Fights Infections

This is actually a very common herb, that is powerful and very beneficial when it comes to our health. You might even use it, and you are not aware of all its properties.

And for sure at least once you have used it in your kitchen. You might be wondering what herb we are talking about?

It’s actually thyme. In fact, the medicinal properties come from the essential oils of the thyme. They are extracted by steam distillation of leaves and flowers that are fresh.

But that is not all; thyme oil is actually a natural tonic, stimulant, diuretic and also antiseptic.

5 Health Benefits of This Oil

1. Anti-Rheumatic

The two leading causes of rheumatism are gout and arthritis. Those that suffer from gout have increased toxin concentration in the blood system, while those that have arthritis have obstructed or improper blood circulation.

And in both cases, thyme oil can be used. As we already mentioned this oil is a natural diuretic.

Because of that, it shall help to increase the urination and help with the removal of toxins from your body. And it can also help with the circulation because it is a stimulant.

. For Pain Relief

There is actually a study made whether thyme oil is efficient. The study was conducted by the researchers in Babol University of Medical Sciences. In the study, there were 84 participants, and they were all women.

These women had from the age of 18 to 24, and all of them had difficult menstruation. They suffered from primary dysmenorrhea with is cramping that is painful and possibly followed by other symptoms like dizziness, backache, headaches, and nausea.

So the study showed that thyme is effective not only for the reduction of pain but also with difficult menstruation pain.

3. Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

This oil is able to activate the circulation in your body. And it is important to have the movement of your circulation because blocked circulation can cause some health problems such as stroke and arthritis.

In the case of high blood pressure, the thyme oil can be used as a natural remedy. How does it work?

It relaxes the veins and arteries and in turn that reduces the stress on the heart, and the blood pressure lowers.

4. Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties

The thyme oil has the compounds Camphene and Caryophyllene, and that is why it a natural antiseptic. What do these compounds do?

Well, they actually kill infections found inside your body and also on the skin and in that way they protect the sores and wounds from infections.

Also, the thyme is antibacterial. You can use it to treat bacterial infections and also intestinal infections.

In Poland, at the Medical University of Lodz, there was a study that came to the discovery that this oil actually exhibits potent activity against 120 strains of bacteria.

5. To Treat Respiratory Conditions

The thyme essential oil can give your immune system a boost. It actually can help with infections in your throat and can drain congestion, which is helpful if you have a cold.

It is a natural alternative that has no harmful side effects.

Ways to Use Thyme Essential Oil

  • To increase circulation, you can diffuse or inhale 2 to 3 drops on a daily basis.
  • Help with menstrual cramps, mix 2 drops of carrier oil and 2 drops of thyme oil. Then rub the mixture onto your stomach.
  • To fight fatigue, in a warm bath water just add 2 drops of thyme oil. Get in, enjoy and let the oil do its magic.
  • Kill infections and rashes; you can put 2 drops of thyme oil of your area of concern.
  • To help open your blocked nasal passages, you can add 2 drops of this oil to the hot water for steam inhalation, or you can inhale 2 drops of this essential oil.

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