Healthy Choice to Lower Bad Cholesterol Quickly

Healthy Choice to Lower Bad Cholesterol Quickly

Having high cholesterol is one of the main risk factors for developing a heart disease or having a heart attack. Heart disease is regarded as number one killer of women and men in the United States. Keeping cholesterol within the limits is without doubt the best natural protection you can offer to your body. 

Having the whole family enjoying healthy and heart-friendly diet can prevent cholesterol occurring in children and teenagers and sets them up with exceptional healthy habits for life.

Here is an excellent combination of fresh ingredients which will help you reduce cholesterol in safe, easy and quick way.

Mango is not only delicious for consumption but it has many health benefits to offer as well. There is evidence suggesting cholesterol fighting properties of mango.

The scientists from the University of Queensland conducted a study where the participants were given mango seeds and the results were amazing- they all experienced reductions of LDL, namely bad cholesterol, and increase of HDL-good cholesterol. Scientists found out that mango changed the metabolism of these individuals and reduced their overall body fat production. 

Eating green vegetables like kale can quickly bring down blood cholesterol level. The fiber in kale binds with bile acids in the digestive tract. The excretion of bile acid directly lowers the cholesterol and keeps your health at optimal level. This brings the conclusion that introduction of leafy greens to your diet significantly protects your from bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. 

A study published in the “Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences” states that lemon juice is helpful for lowering total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein-HDL, ” bad cholesterol”, due to the antioxidant effect of vitamin C and flavonoids present in lemon juice. 

Another study published in the “Asian Journal of Medical Sciences” reveals that lemon juice combined with lime juice is more effective in reducing cholesterol than either juice alone. If you suffer from high cholesterol then keep in mind this powerful cholesterol cleansing combination.

Prepare this healthy drink and give your body the best natural cholesterol treatment. 


  • 1 cup chopped mango
  • a handful of kale
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime


Squeeze the lemon and the lime and mix them with the remaining ingredients. Blend for a while and when the drink is ready pour in glass. Drink this beverage during the day according to your needs but no more than 1 glass a day. 

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