Garlic In Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough And Many Other Diseases!

At this point, everyone knows that there are many fruits, veggies, and spices that can be successfully used for medicinal purposes.  The recipe presented in this article works as great healing agent and is said to improve the overall health.  Being made of warm milk and garlic, it is called Garlic Milk.


  • 500 ml of milk
  • 10 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
  • 2-3 tsp of sugar


Pour the water in a pot, add the garlic, and place on the stove. Heat the mixture until the mixture is reduced by half, constantly stirring. Strain the liquid and then add the sugar. Serve hot!

Benefits of Garlic Milk

  1. Asthma

Eating three garlic cloves every nigh helps alleviate the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Pneumonia

Consuming garlic milk three times a day has been shown to efficiently treat pneumonia.

  1. Cardiac Problems

Garlic milk reduces the bad cholesterol, which in turn protects against formation of clots and improves the function of the circulatory system.  Preparing it with low fat milk is even more effective.

  1. Jaundice

Garlic is extremely effective in eliminating toxic matter from the system, mostly due to its ability to activate the liver enzymes. The liver needs sulfur for detoxification, and garlic is one of the richest sources of this mineral.  It also contains selenium and allicin, both of which boost the production of bile and reduce fat in the liver. Regular consumption of Garlic Milk for a few days can cure jaundice in an all-natural way.

  1. Arthritis

Consuming this beverage every day helps alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, such as pain and inflammation.

  1. Insomnia

Garlic milk improve sleep patterns and treats insomnia due to its soothing properties.

  1. Cough

When mixed with turmeric and honey, this beverage is ideal for treating persistent cough.  Garlic contains potent antibacterial properties while honey acts as expectorant, helping get rid of cough almost instantly.

  1. Tuberculosis

The sulfur content in garlic is what makes this drink so effective at treating respiratory conditions. Mix a gram of garlic, 240 ml of milk, and 1l of water. Boil the mixture until one fourth of the starting amount remains.  Consume it three times a day.

  1. Cholesterol

Drinking this beverage every day for a week helps lower the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol in the body.

  1. Digestive Health

Garlic possesses strong antiseptic properties which are very effective in improving the immune system and maintaining healthy digestive system.  It also helps flush out toxic matter from the body and is beneficial for the lymph. Ultimately, it alleviates diarrhea and boosts the secretion of digestive juices.

  1. Sciatica

It has been shown that regular consumption of Garlic milk helps alleviate the symptoms of sciatica pain.

  1. Impotence

Ultimately, garlic milk is an amazing treatment for impotence. What`s more, it has been shown that eating a few boiled garlic cloves a day goes a long way in treating infertility in both men and women.

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