Fend Off Food Cravings With This Balanced Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are, hands, down the healthiest way to start your day. They are full of protein and fiber, which means that they fill you up and fuel your body with all of the good stuff.

Fend Off Cravings With This Balanced Green Smoothie

This smoothie is special to me because I created it at a time in my life when I was in search of balance. When I first transitioned into an ultra healthy lifestyle I was a fanatic about plant-based, oil-free, soy-free foods – to the point where I couldn’t really eat out with friends and I avoided all sugar and alcohol as well. Nice idea, but not really balanced. This Balance Smoothie was something I created so that I had a go-to breakfast every morning that reminded me that life is all about finding a balance.

The great news is: it worked. I have this smoothie for breakfast several mornings of the week, give or take a few ingredients. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, and it tastes delicious. The strawberry gives it a tangy sweetness, while the banana gives it that creamy texture that is to die for when you’re cleansing. This smoothie is the perfect way to kick start your first cleanse day.


– 1 very ripe banana

– ½ cup kale

– ½ cup mint leaves

– 3 strawberries

– ½ cup almond milk

– ½ cup water

– 1 handful of ice


1. Blend all ingredients together thoroughly and enjoy.

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