10 Fake Foods From China That Will Make You Shake (#4 Is Disgusting)

Chinese exports have been causing some serious trouble as of late – and these 10 fake foods are a big part of why.

10 Fake Foods From China That Will Make You Shake (#4 Is Disgusting)

Check the list below so you know what to watch for:

1. Fake Eggs

Courtesy gelatin, food coloring, and wax egg shells, these eggs look and act an awful lot like eggs – but they certainly aren’t eggs!

2. Fake Plastic Rice

This isn’t a new story, but it’s becoming a bigger one – to check if your rice is plastic, try burning the rice using a matchstick. If it’s plastic, you’ll smell the difference.

3. Walnuts Stuffed With Cement

Cement makes things heavy – and when you sell by weight, that’s an easy way to boost profits!

4. Fake Beef

Some vendors have sold pork meat as beef by chemically altering the beef with a “beef extract,” then glazing them to look like beef. Gross!

5. Fake Mutton

By adding chemicals to meat from rats, minks, and foxes, some unscrupulous vendors are selling them as mutton.

6. Fake Wines

Cheap fruit juice relabeled as nice wine is a major scam – a high percentage of wines produced in China are faked as such.

7. Fake And Adulterated Honey

It can be hard to tell if something is fake or adulterated honey – but adding sugar, corn starch and other additives can hugely boost retailers profits.

8. Fake Green Peas

You can tell these fake green peas that don’t soften when boiled and the water will turn an unnatural green color leached from the food coloring.

9. Fake Table Salt

Industrial salt is finding its way onto the tables of China. Be careful that you don’t buy any salt from China as they may also contain industrial salt, which can contribute to high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

10. Altered Ginseng

Ginseng root is a popular medicinal plant, used as a tonic in China for centuries, but it’s also expensive. Some vendors are choosing to boil the roots in sugar, which makes them heavier and, therefore, they can sell them for more money as the roots are sold by weight.

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