Excellent Smoothie that Prevents Common Chronic Diseases

The most common diseases among population nowadays are heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, arthritis etc. Chronic inflammation is one of the reasons that sets the stage for chronic diseases. If you want to keep chronic diseases under control, try implementing some healthy lifestyle habits that depend purely on your own will.

Excellent Smoothie that Prevents Common Chronic Diseases

Including fresh food and eliminating processed food can significantly improve your medical condition and prevent the development of these chronic diseases that most of the time lead to lethal outcome.

Pears should be your number one choice in your combat against the diseases of the 21st century as their health benefits are stunning. They are an impressive source of fiber, flavonols and carotenoids and regular consumption of pears reduces the chances for stroke by 52 %. Moreover they will aid with metabolic disorders including diabetes.

Berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, are sweet little treats that are not only delicious but also have amazing health benefits. They contain a wealth of antioxidants such as anthocyanins  that keep you strong and healthy and promote normal cellular function.

Universally recognized as a powerful ingredient, ginger doesn’t only add a special flavor to all healthy meals and drinks, but it also abounds with components,such as shogaol, zingerone, and gingerols, that show incredible health properties. Ginger is an efficient anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent without any adverse effects. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and prevents further complications with diabetes and heart diseases.

Loaded with vitamin C, Citrus Fruits should definitely be your weapon for common diseases as it will boost the immune system and offer you protection against oxidative stress and free radical damage.

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