Everyone Skip Doing This, But It Can Save You From Many Diseases. Start Doing It Now

Legumes and seeds need to be dipped before cooking?

Except for faster preparation of a meal of similar digestion. Experts say that this process is necessary due to much more.

Due to vitamins, minerals, fibers and other important ingredients, they are abundant. Cereals, seeds, and legumes are an important part of every balanced diet. However, before these foods are introduced into the body, it is desirable to prepare them in a right way, for otherwise, they may harm us. However, the traditional way of preparing today, due to the lack of time and the great popularity of new food styles, often skips, causing certain consequences. Such as digestive problems, the onset of autoimmune diseases, allergies and other unpleasant problems. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the proper preparation of the meal. But also the quantities entered, since only the way they can get the maximum benefit.

One of the antinutrients present in almost all legumes and seeds is phytic acid. Which acts by hindering or completely blocking the absorption of minerals

Faster preparation, easier digestion

By letting the seeds and legumes to sit in water. They remedy all residual particles of dirt, pesticides, sand and similar impurities to a good extent. Most of them go through the cleaning procedure before packaging and dispatch to the site. These foods are not washed, as moisture stimulates germination. In addition, if you leave beans, soybeans, and hazelnuts in the water for at least several hours. The cooking time is known to be shortened. With this process, the grain becomes softer, swollen, and better in quality, and it is easier and varied. For example, the outer muncle of many beans contains oligosaccharides, which, if the beans were not immersed, after consuming only pass through the digestive tract and hoses, they are not properly digested. Resulting in gases, flatulence, and abdominal pain.

Neutralization of antinutrients

In the outer mammary gland and seeds, various components, known as anti-nutrients, are concentrated, protecting them against insect, virus, bacteria and animal attacks. However, although they are a kind of defensive plant mechanism. These substances interfere with the normal absorption of minerals, vitamins, as well as enzymatic functions of the organism. Therefore, they need to be eliminated, which can be done by immersing in the water of appropriate temperature and acidity. One of the antinutrients present in almost all legumes and seeds is phytic acid, which acts by hindering or fully absorbing the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper minerals …

This phenomenon, in the long run, can cause more serious mineral deficiency and bone loss. Other antinutrients, such as enzyme inhibitors. Work by destroying or completely destroying the normal functions of the digestive and metabolic enzymes, which can cause pancreatic disorders. In addition, there are also Lectins that can lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

More minerals and Vitamins

In addition to neutralizing the effect of antinutrients, standing in water stimulates the production of good enzymes and vitamins, especially vitamin B. In addition, this increases the secretion of minerals, and these foods, after sinking, contain as much as 10 times more of these nutrients than in dry condition. Also in addition, in the water, the protein gluten is also broken, known for its hard digestion. It is therefore important that this procedure does not skip because it indirectly prevents the emergence and development of many health problems and illnesses.

Useful tips

Important factors in sinking the seed, which affects the taste and nutritional value of these foods, are sufficient amount of water, the use of a specific acid agent, time, as well as the appropriate temperature.

The procedure is as follows:

Rub the desired legumes well, place it in a deeper container and overflow with a large amount of water. Leave to stand overnight, from eight to twelve o’clock depending on the type of beans and bean foods require a longer cooling time than e.g. lens. It is best to add some acidic agents, such as lemon juice or apple juice. And in the case of beans, it can also bake powder. While the liquid can be changed two to three times. After the food has stood, it is not necessary to wash off with pure water. Because in some cases, the acidic agent even improves its taste. Moreover, water from the bowl can also be used for cooking, because it is rich in liberated minerals and vitamins.

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