Effects Of Soursop To Relieve Rheumatic Pain

The Annona muricata, whose fruit is popularly known as Graviola or Soursop, is a plant that grows especially in the tropical forests of Africa, Amazon, Caribbean islands and Southeast Asia. The people who inhabit these regions use the fruits, leaves, barks, and seeds of Graviola as a natural remedy for centuries and it is believed that each component of the tree provides its own set of healing properties.


Arthritis rheumatoid is considered a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the joints. It affects about 1% of the Brazilian population and its incidence is higher in women around the age of 50, however, it can range from children to the elderly. In addition, individuals who have a history of the disease in the family have a higher risk of developing it. The symptoms are not specific, but in addition to chronic pain (which tend to be more painful in the morning), it can include loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, fever, weight loss and hair loss.

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Effects of soursop to combat arthritis

Several studies point to the efficacy of soursop in antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory activities. Another benefit of Graviola is its antinociceptive properties, that is, its ability to decrease the body’s sensitivity to pain. In this sense, these characteristics make soursop effective both for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and for osteoarthritis.

As each part of the plant has its own properties, it is believed that the part that best works in the treatment of arthritis are its leaves, which relieve pain and inflammation, with Graviola leaf tea being the best option in these cases. The stem, bark and especially the leaves of Graviola are rich in antioxidants, particularly Coenzyme Q10, which fights inflammation, eliminates free radicals and ensures the proper functioning of the body.

Blends made from Graviola leaves are used to relieve arthritis pain, reduce inflammation of the joints, decrease inflammation in the nasal passages and the respiratory tract in general, such as soothing or sedative and even to treat skin conditions including eczema.

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