Drinking This Slimming Juice Helps You Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in Just 6 Weeks

Losing belly fat is really possible if you are determined and have a strong will to change the way your body looks. This super belly slimming drink is what you need to start burning fat, shed pounds and detoxify the whole body.


Belly fat is a problem that many of us are dealing with. Many people are feeling hopeless about this issues, but we have good news for all of you who are having belly fat. With the help of this powerful drink you will lose weight and eliminate belly fat in no time.

No special diet is required. Just include healthy meals as much as possible and abundance of salads. It is especially recommended to avoid consumption of sugar and sweet things during this period if you want to achieve really great effect.


3 lemons

1 lime

a thumb of ginger (grated)

10 mint leaves

half a bunch parsley

a stalk of celery

2 tbsp. aloe vera juice

2.5 or 3 liters water


First wash well all the ingredients before preparation. Squeeze 2 lemons and 1 lime to get the juice. Mix this juice with the grated ginger and let it stay for 30 minutes in a glass pitcher. After passing 30 minutes add the water and stir well. Slice the other lemon,chop the mint leaves, parsley and celery and put everything in the water. At the and add the aloe vera juice and stir everything well. Let this stay overnight in a fridge and consume the next day during the whole day whenever you feel hungry or thirsty.

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