Drink This Before Every Meal and Lose Belly Fat Like Crazy

Here is a simple trick to help you reduce belly fat really efficiently and without starving at all. All you need is a glass of this drink consumed before every meal.

Drink This Before Every Meal and Lose Belly Fat Like Crazy

Often our body’s mistake being hungry for being thirsty. That’s why adding cucumbers to your diet proves useful. It is a great way to avoid snacks and reduce calorie intake and it will also help you lose weight, increase metabolism performance and prevent storing fat in the body. Cucumbers consist of 95% water which helps to hydrate the body and to flush out toxins.

Lemon and ginger are perfect duo for curbing appetite, burning the consumed calories and decreasing your desire for eating sweets.They are also in charge of the detox process, releasing all the impurities and toxins accumulated on your system.

They are also perfect blend for increasing metabolism, particularly metabolism of fat, which is essential for all those who want to burn the stomach fat and get flat belly.

It is of utmost importance to take this drink before every meal as this drink proves to be really efficient way of curbing your appetite, preventing overeating, avoiding too many calories,  boosting fat metabolism and melting belly fat.


2 cucumbers

2 lemons

a thumb of ginger (or 1/2 tsp. ginger powder)

1 liter water


Juice the lemons, cucumbers and ginger, and add this in the water. Stir well and keep it in the fridge. If the drink is too spicy for you and you can’t drink it, then decrease the amount of ginger, but in that way you minimize the effect.

This recipe is enough for 3 meals, meaning you consume 1/3 of the drink before each meal during the day. If you take more than 3 meals, then prepare more of the drink. Repeat this for several days ( no less than 10 days), then make a break of 3 days and if it is necessary, repeat once again.

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