Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

Every parent use some product for they babies, but we all must confess that they are much different than those our parents used for us. Nowadays, everything is much easier and simple.

In this article we will say few words about baby wipes and why you should stay away from them. Most parents, use baby wipes for hygiene, but are they safe? The advertisement will say you that they are totally safe, but many studies proved the opposite. Baby wipes are not safe for them. That is why, every parent should think twice before buying baby wipes again.

Many health experts are telling parents to stop using baby wipes because they may cause, skin irritation and few more skin problems that may grow up in serious complication.

Baby wipes are not safe because they contain methylisothiazolinone. This ingredient can irritate the skin and is one of the main reasons for scaly skin and rashes.

There is a case where one little eight year old girl had rashes around her mouth and buttocks. The mother used baby wipes on those areas and the little girl had rashes few hours later. In another case, one Belgian man had severe allergic reaction because of the ingredient we mentioned above that is contained in the baby wipes. Dr. Chang told the mother to stop using baby wipes and the rashes were gone.

Brands that contain methylisothiazolinone are Cottonelle, Johnson & Johnson, Huggies and much more. So, instead of baby wipes, find a natural way for keeping hygiene.

When you go to buy baby wipes again, read the ingredient carefully. If there is methylisothiazolinone do not buy it. Search for a natural products that you can prepare at home.

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