Doctors Call This ‘Baby Frosting,’ And There Are A Ton Of Health Benefits To It


When babies are born, they are covered in a sticky, white, cheesy-looking coating.

As it turns out, you may not want to wash it off right away. The coating is medically known as vernix, but often called “baby frosting.”

According to Mama Natural, vernix begins to form around 27 weeks gestation, in the third trimester. The coating protects babies from amniotic fluid but also has many health benefits.

Vernix protects infants from pathogens they may encounter in and outside of the womb. It also protects the baby while it is traveling through the birth canal, which allows the baby to take in good bacteria and ward of bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The baby frosting also helps to minimize trauma to the baby. Being born is quite traumatic, but vernix is a lubricant which reduces trauma. Moreover, it smells like Mama to the baby and Baby to the mama — this causes the mother and child to release oxytocin, which allows them to bond.

In the past, baby frosting was believed to be a biohazard. Today, however, it is recommended to be left on the infant for its health benefits.

In the clip belowthe hosts of The Doctors discuss the many wonderful properties of vernix and joke that they wish they could get their hands on some. Unfortunately, you can only get vernix by giving birth to a baby.

This is just one of the many examples of how a woman’s body works seamlessly with her baby to keep them happy and healthy.

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