Do Not Miss This New Method To Mold Your Body And Eliminate Cellulite

Many women think that cellulite is an external problem and thus try to eliminate it … a big mistake, because the reality is that this odious appearance is the accumulation of water and fat under the layers of the skin due in large part to poor diet.

Many companies and beauty brands have taken creams and treatments to eliminate cellulite, but most of them have very few results. As I said before, exercise is essential to combat the skin of orange, so I gave myself the task of looking for a new quick and easy method to make and say goodbye forever to that hateful skin marked: the foam rolling

What does it consist of?

The foam rolling or myofacial self-release has gone from being a mysterious technique used only by professional athletes, coaches and therapists to a familiar and routine practice for people at all levels of fitness and physical condition.

This has become one of the most popular techniques for its enormous benefits (if done well) and for being very economical, since it is enough with a foam roller or foam roller to make it.

This self massage is done by applying pressure to specific points in your body that are able to help in the recovery of the muscles so that they return to their normal function. The normal function is when your muscles are elastic, healthy and ready to work at any time.

How is foam rolling made?

These self-massage are performed with a roll of foam while pressure is applied to it with the body’s own weight. For you to understand, you have to let the body roll over the accessory. It is recommended to do it for a maximum of 3 minutes, maintain the posture for 30 to 60 seconds and then rest. Always without feeling pain and applying pressure progressively.

Why should you try it?

The foam rolling is increasingly incorporated into the training routines, specifically the heating part to activate the muscles; Improve the appearance of the skin and stretch to return to calm and avoid pain and injuries.

Where can you get a foam roller?

Surely you can find it in department stores or sports stores, but if not, you can also order it online. You can choose one smooth or with roughness to apply different pressures.

What exercises can I perform with the foam roller?

Ideally, you will be advised by an expert to guide you in the best way to use the foam roller, but you can also perform some basic recovery exercises like the ones I will explain below. You will have to roll 5 to 10 times on the roller in each position.


Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out and your hands on the floor behind you supporting your weight. Place the foam roller under your calves. Slowly roll along the back of your legs up and down from the knees to the ankles.

Tendons of the knees

Sit with your right leg on the foam roller; Bend the left knee, cross the left ankle over the right ankle and put your hands on the floor behind you. Roll up and down from your knee to just below your right buttock. Then change the leg.


Lie face down on the floor and place the foam roller under your hips. Lean on your right leg and roll up and down from hip to knee. Change your leg


Sit on the floor with the foam roller on your lower back, supporting your hands behind you for balance. Squeeze your abs and slowly bend the knees to move the roller down the back, just below the shoulder blades.

Outer Thighs

Lie on your side with the foam roller under the right hip. Lean on your abs and glutes for balance and roll slowly from hip to knee. Change to the other side and repeat.

Shoulders and sides

Lie on your back with the foam roller behind your shoulders. Snap your loose fingers behind your head and tip your top back into the foam roller. Lean on your abdominal and gluteal muscles for stability, and slowly press the roller on the left side, lifting the right shoulder. Roll from the armpits to the bottom of the rib cage. Go back to the center and change sides.


Sit on the foam roller, cross your right leg over the left knee and lean toward the right hip, putting your weight on your hands for support. Slowly roll a glute on the roller. Change sides

To harden abs

Lying on your back, with your arms resting on the floor, the roller along your back as if it were your spine, and the head and coccyx well supported. Elevate the legs with the knees bent 90º. Try to hold a minute in this position.

To tone glutes

Lying on your back, with your arms resting on your sides, your legs bent and your feet resting just above the roller. Elevate the hip preventing the roller from moving. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

To strengthen the back, arms, buttocks and abdominals

Stand with arms outstretched and pick up the roller at each end. Make a squat while raising the roller to the ceiling. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

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