Did You Know There Was Hidden Sugar In These Products?

Even if you don’t think your diet has high sugar, it actually may if you eat these foods which are hidden sources that sneak sugar into your body

If you think you don’t really eat much of sugar, think again. Sugar is one of the most easily concealed ingredients of our food, especially processed and packaged one. Surprisingly, more than 60% foods have sugar. In abnormally high amounts! The American Heart Association recommends men and women to limit their daily intake of sugar to 6-9 teaspoons (20-35 gm) or obesity, heart problems, tooth decay and organ failure will be quick to follow. Now if you start counting the sugar spoons in your tea, bread, ketchup, doughnut and coke, you’ll know how much higher your consumption of sugar really is.

Here are 6 surprising sources of hidden sugars:

1. Ketchup

It it may seem salty and savory, tomato ketchup actually has 4 gm of sugar in a single tablespoon. So if you eat ketchup with your sandwich, pizza, maggi and paratha, your sugar intake just went over the roof.

2. Canned and frozen food

Those pineapple and orange containers you buy have more than 40 gms of sugar in one cup of fruit. Even most frozen foods like smilies, potato bites, and even frozen vegetables like carrots and peas have more than 20 gm of sugar per serving.

3. Breakfast cereals

Not just the kid’s chocolate ones, even rice, oat and corn cereals have high sugar, as much as 10-20 gms per cup! Homemade breakfasts like poha and upma are much healthier options.

4. Bread

Both brown and white bread have hidden sugar. About 500 gm of bread have 25 gm of sugar in it. That’s in all loaves, even the ones that claim to be for diet.

5. Cooking sauces

Salad dressings are high on sugar with 5-7 gm in just 2 tablespoons. Homemade vinegar and sesame are better options. Soy sauce is also a store of hidden sugar with a gram of sugar per 100 gm. The pasta sauces you use to cook meals is another wonder with 11 gm of sugar in just half cup of sauce.

6. Drinks and juices

Energy drinks that promise to boost your adrenaline levels have over 25 gm of sugar in just 230 ml cups. Even packaged fruit juices are high on sugar with apple ones, that seem the lowest in it having 26 gm of sugar per 230 ml.

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