Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS And It Worked

Is it possible to use something as simple as molasses and baking soda as a treatment for cancer? Actually, Veron Johnston, who was diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive prostate cancer which had spread into the bones, utilized the above mentioned ingredients and succeeded in eliminating cancer.

After Being Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, He Followed His Son’s Suggestion and Tried This!

After being diagnosed, Veron’s son did a research and discovered that his father should improve his pH levels since cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. He refused taking harmful orthodox treatments and he wanted to find a natural way to increase his pH levels.  Somebody recommended him cesium chloride and he ordered it, but he never received it. So, he was desperate in finding another way which could help him improve his pH levels.

Shortly after, he found out that there is a natural way of treating cancer and that was a mixture of molasses and baking soda.

He registered everything in a diary. Besides taking this mixture, he also did breathing exercises to help the alleviation of oxygenation which was brought by the unexpected pH rise. Anaerobic cancer cells are not able to endure oxygen.

Cancer cells need fermenting sugar for their survival and not oxygen. Maple syrup is a kind of a Trojan horse since it makes it possible for the baking soda to enter into the cancer cells and oxygenate them with an unexpected stream of alkalinity. This eventually destroys cancer cells.

He consumed this mixture on a daily basis and also did other exercise beneficial for the disease. When combined, this two ingredients inhibit cancer growth. Nevertheless, stay away from sugars and processed foods since they stimulate cancer growth.

Few weeks later, Vernon visited his doctor and they discovered that there was a total reversal of the cancer. His story was published in few newspapers and he continues to tell it nowadays.

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