Cures for Dust Pollution

Indoors, you need to protect yourself from kitchen soot, fungus, and dust mites. This is the kind of dust that comes in thru the windows, with products and footwear, and remains trapped in the house. It can give allergies/infections to the inhabitants and, in the long run, pose serious health problems because the elements in the dust are carcinogenic.

Brooming and sweeping does not clean the house. It only lifts & spreads the thin dust back into the air which later settles back. Disturbing it only make it easy for the dust to enter your breathing system. It is best to trap it before it enters your lungs.


Yogic Cures for Dust Pollution

  • Neti like Jal Neti and Sutra Neti reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Matsyasana (the fish pose) is a good asana for those people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and other lungs ailment thereby relieves congestion.
  • Sarvangasana (the shoulder stand pose) helps in clearing of exchange of gases through the nasal passage.
  • Tadasana (the palm tree pose) improves concentration of mind and develop sense of balance.
  • Padahastasana (the foot hand pose) improves concentration and helps to decongest the nose.
  • Trikonasana (triangular stretch pose) systematically revitalizes the entire body.
  • Padmasana (the lotus pose) induces mental calmness and helps to bring about physical health and mental equilibrium on permanent basis.
  • Bhujangasana ( the cobra pose) expands the chest more than usual, helping to improve one’s breathing.
  • Paschimottanasana (the fierce or powerful pose) tones all the abdominal organs, including the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney and adrenal glands thus helps to mental calmness.
  • Pavanmuktasana ( the wind releasing pose) relieves from abdominal ailments associated with malfunctioning of inefficient organs.
  • Kapalbhati (frontal brain bellowing) makes the nasal passage clean.
  • Pranayama control nasal condition effectively.
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama helps to remove congestion or blockage of the nadis, thereby allow the free flow of Prana.
  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama develops consciousness, mental calmness and ease nasal congestion.
  • Surya Namaskar energizes the entire neuro-glandular and neuro-muscular system of the body.


 Treatment for Allergies

Ayurvedic remedies are effective to manage and treat different forms of allergies. If you are depressed due to acuteness of allergens, herbal supplements, Ayurvedic herbal supplements, and Ayurvedic medicine may be given as allergic treatment. Ayurvedic treatments are known natural remedy that not only provide relief, yet boost the immune system. Allergic management through Ayurveda is not a new concept, though Ayurveda as an herbal remedy is getting recognition all over the world. The Ayurvedic approach on allergies is to combat all forms of the condition without any side effects.

The following Ayurvedic medicines and simple Ayurvedic suggestions are good for the problems:

  • Easily digested food is prescribed for allergic person.
  • Through Ayurvedic knowledge, stress and anxiety can be minimized to a greater extent.
  • Disciplined lifestyle
  • Herbal oil massage also shows good result.
  • Panchakarma is a wonderful, natural, Ayurvedic cure for different allergies.
  • Ginger root tea is beneficial for respiratory and skin conditions.


Naturopathy for Allergy Cure

  • Hydrotherapy, in the form of immersion bath or Jacuzzi, helps to overcome the problem.
  • Massage is beneficial to alleviate it.
  • Application of ground almond leaves provide soothing effect.
  • Application of minced papaya seeds on the affected region gives relief.
  • Coconut oil with lemon juice is effective to ward it off.
  • Juices of carrot, beetroot, and cucumber, together, prevent it from spreading.


Home Remedies for Dust Allergies

To get relief from the problem, home remedies can play effective roles to ease running nose, itching skin, watery eyes, rashes, vomiting, sneezing etc. Home remedy keeps allergens and allergy triggers at bay. There are lots of home, natural and herbal remedies for skin, nose, eyes, and other parts of the body. Home remedies are quite effective for skin rashes too.

  • Warm water gargling with salt helps to treat it.
  • For inflamed eyes, use the mixture of lime, mallow, and chamomile tea.
  • Quince, honey, and lemon combined show a good impact on the throat.
  • Eye irritation may be reduced by washing it through cold water.
  • Keep yourself away from allergens.
  • Hot shower is effective to ward off allergen and may be used for the skin.
  • Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen, mites, dust etc.
  • Dust mites favor humid place that may spur the condition.
  • Hay, straw and grass burning may make allergic patient vulnerable to the disease.
  • For congested and inflammatory nose, use peppermint tea.
  • Paste of sandalwood and lime juice, is a best bet for an affected area.

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