Cookies Ready in a Second with Only 2 Ingredients

Want to prepare cookies that are delicious and at the same time so easy to make. You just need a wish and only 2 ingredients to make them. 
Cookies Ready in a SecondYou don’t need any special skills to prepare them and it is a wonderful idea when you want to surprise your guests or family. You will enjoy the taste of dark chocolate combined with the unique flavor of cherry.


  • 400 gr. dark chocolate
  • 25-30 cherries from homemade cherry jam


Melt the chocolate on a steam and using a tablespoon add the chocolate in each of the paper cups for cupcakes. After you added the melted chocolate, immediately add the cherries in the middle of the cookies. You can leave them like that or add more of the chocolate so that they are covered with chocolate. You can sprinkle coconut flour or decorate them according to your desire and imagination. Let the chocolate harden and the cookies are ready to be served. Enjoy !

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