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Five Tips For Less Stress Right Now

The month of April always feels like a turning point in the year. We celebrate favorite spring holidays like Easter and Passover, families unwind over spring vacation, and the weather finally starts

Is Your Stress Rubbing Off On The People Around You?

  New study indicates stress can be contagious In the American Psychological Association’s 2013 Stress in America survey, 61% of respondents said they believe that stress management is very important, but 44%

89% of Unhappiness Rooted in Comparisons

OK, so maybe I made up that 89% statistic, but I think it illustrates an important point: You are great just BEING YOU. Too often, believing anything less comes from comparing yourself

3-Day Cleanse That Eliminates Toxins, Fat and Excess Water & Prevents Cancer

Even though we are strongly advised against the consumption of processed and junk food, most of us still ignore this warning and persist in eating these foods we know are extremely unhealthy.

Drink Parsley Tea with Lemon and Honey and See What Happens to Your Body

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when parsley is mentioned is probably a delicious dish or a bowl of salad garnished with pungent green leaves of this herb. Yes –

10 Benefits of Cannabis

By now you know that cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use in many states across the country. But what exactly does this mean? And how could it impact your health? What’s

9 Reasons You Have Pain Before Bowel Movement

Having a bowel movement is something that you do not give much attention to unless there is some pain associated with the act. The pain before your bowel movement can sometimes be

How Does the Immune System Work with Other Systems?

The main responsibility of the immune system is to protect your body from diseases and pathogens including bacteria, viruses and parasites. The immune system also plays a part in the healing response


A creamy and cheesy dip made with chickpea and packed full of protein! A great way to get kids to eat their veggies! Last week I was staring at a can of

Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

Nowadays, we are surrounded by pesticides, from the food we buy in the grocery stores, in the parks outside out homes, and school playgrounds. Therefore, in order to avoid their adverse effects,