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This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Health

We don’t pay too much attention on the health and shape of our belly buttons. Some people are not even aware of its meaning, but it has its importance. According to a

12 Things You Should Learn Before Shaving Down Below

Nowadays, it is very common for people to shave almost their entire bodies from head to toes. However, some still don’t shave their private parts. This is becoming a very popular trend

I Started Consuming Cucumber 3 Times Per Day As The Doctor Said, After 5 Days Something Changed

The cucumber is a vegetable from the same family as watermelons, pumpkins and zucchinis. The texture of cucumbers is very similar with the watermelon texture. This vegetable is loaded with nutrients that

14 Symptoms of High Blood Sugar and Which Foods Reduce It

Increased blood sugar levels do not necessarily mean that one has diabetes, as they can be only one of the numerous symptoms of the disease. Yet, this is a serious warning that

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

Burping, hiccups, and farting are bodily functions which make people laugh, get embarrassed, and even annoyed. The crown jewel on these is farting. How much do you know about farts besides the

10 Amazing Uses For Listerine That Every Woman Should Know

Listerine is one of the most popular types of mouthwash worldwide, and despite the benefits, it offers for the health of the oral cavity, it can apparently replace numerous other products we

He Decided To Drink 1 Gallon Of Water Per Day For 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!

Aren’t you getting tired of being constantly reminded that you should drink more water? This journalist from the “Thrillist“ portal clearly was, so he decided to test this popular advice with an

12 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Eggs

Eggs are incredibly nutritious, so they are real superfoods that should be consumed regularly. They are ones of the healthiest foods on the planet, as they are full of proteins, antioxidants, amino

Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days

The quick weight loss can be achieved using a military diet. The only thing you have to do is to follow the military diet strictly. You must stick to the portion of

Having A Bar Of Soap Under Your Sheets Sounds Weird, But It Has Helpful Medical Benefits

Numerous people are turning to natural and homemade remedies as possible treatments for their ailments and health issues, as they are highly effective, and do not cause any of the harsh side-effects of conventional

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