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Researchers: Eating organic provides much greater nutritional intake vs. conventional foods

Despite propaganda put out by the pesticide and genetically modified organism (GMO) industries, the evidence is clear: organic food has a higher nutrient content than food produced with GMOs and synthetic pesticides

Emotional Eating – 5 Tips How To Maintain Healthy Appetite

Emotional eating is actually the opposite of mindful eating. It’s led by cravings, the desire to numb or change our feelings, stress, or just simply from habit and eating on “autopilot.” Many

Emerging superbug kills woman: Infection resistant to 26 antibiotics

After fracturing her leg, a 70-year-old woman from Nevada was hospitalized. After surgery, she developed an infection in her hip. Medical professionals tried to control the infection with several antibiotics, but all

Diet Plan Which Will Help You Lose 8 Kg In Only 7 Days!

If you are not satisfied with your body shape, you want to lose some weight for health reasons or to look good in your swimsuit, we recommend you to try the General

Slimming And Belly Melting Drink Natural Beverage With Grapefruit !

If you want to cut off some inches around the stomach area, than this homemade slimming drink will contribute greatly to melt the belly fat. Because folk medicine can often be really effective,

The “Goldfish” That Can Save Your Spine…And It’s Not A Fairytale

There are significant challenges when it comes to maintaining the health of the spine. The spinal cord which runs from top to bottom of the spinal column receives little stimulation in normal

Thanks To These Leaves, You’ll Get Rid Of Varicose Veins, Absence Of Memory And Headaches!

Only some people know that laurel leaves besides being used in the kitchen can also be very beneficial for our health. Laurel leaves are used to prepare an excellent medicinal oil that

6 Plants that Will Help Keep Your House Naturally Cool

There’s something about house plants that makes a place homier. Bringing green into your home feels comforting, especially in winter months when the plants outside are often dormant, bare or brown. Plus,

7 Day Alkaline Diet Plan to Fight Inflammation and Disease

PH levels show the extent to which something is acid or alkaline. On the pH scale, 0 is completely acidic, while 14 is entirely alkaline, while 7 is neutral.   Every single

9 Foods That Fight Depression Better Than Medication

Depression has its effects on physical health just like it has on the mental, so its treatment should target both in order to ensure overall health.   The following 9 drinks and