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4 Major Benefits of Dancing, Including Increasing Your Brainpower!

Do you have two left feet or shy away from hitting the dance floor at weddings? It might be time to invest in some dance lessons. According to a recent study published

25 powerful breast cancer fighting foods

With the odds of developing breast cancer standing at 1 in 8, the disease is currently the leading cancer among women in the United States – claiming the lives of over 40,000

Top 5 reasons the USA Medical Industrial Complex does NOT want you to understand the importance of Vitamin D!

New research is coming to light that suggests that adequate amounts of Vitamin D in the body can reduce the risk for developing diabetes and add to the person’s longevity. The problem

Dandelion root, a cancer cell killer, has a long history as medicine

The roots, leaves and flowers of the dandelion plant are a potent and healthy herbal medicine, although folks might think those yellow dots popping up in their landscape are just nuisance weeds. Not so, as

New study reveals Vitamin C is the key to preventing COPD

Everyone knows that vitamin C helps to support the immune system. It’s also a potent antioxidant that promotes wound healing and plays many other roles in human health. Vitamin C helps to

Healthy Food Style reveals its top sunscreens to avoid in 2017

As summer approaches, the topic of sun protection inevitably comes up, with many news outlets publishing lists of top sunscreens. As many Natural News readers know, it’s hard to trust the mainstream

Overcoming Anxiety Through Meditation

Sometimes the simplest strategies are among the most effective, and using meditation for anxiety relief is no exception. It may seem contradictory that the act of sitting quietly and focusing solely on

Magnesium deficiency increases your risk of dying from any cause

It is no secret that magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, is indispensable for many biochemical functions. But it is only recently that researchers are discovering the relationship

Heartburn drugs linked to kidney damage in 50 percent of patients with no warning signs

Heartburn drugs like, Prevacid, Nexium and Prilosec are being consumed by up to 50 percent of all Americans suffering from acid reflux – and with big pharma pushing these ‘remedies’ – it’s

Shocking experiments show how much damage energy drinks do to your teeth

A California dentists’ experiment provided some shocking evidence of the effect of soft drinks and energy drinks on oral health. Dr. Tom Bierman, a dentist at the San Diego Dental Studio, was