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Raw Carrot Juice an Effective Cancer Treatment for Survivor

We’ve all heard stories about people who have cured their cancer with compounds like cannabis oil. But did you know that there are more options than just cannabis oil that mother nature

Adding Red Onions to Your Daily Diet May Help Combat Cancer

Dark red onion, also known as the richest source of dietary flavonoids, is a versatile plant that can provide a health boost to almost anyone. Some nutrients in onions such as quercetin,

Mainstream News Quietly Admits that Food Quality is a Major Cause of Cancer

For years it has been a supposed mystery, but it is finally being acknowledged that a primary cause of cancer in the world today is diet. Studies are now showing that obesity

A Colorful Whole Food Diet Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer and IBS

Previously, scientists have found that colorful compounds in fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer when these concepts were tested on mice. We don’t advocate animal testing, but note that researchers decided

Cancer Prevention through Natural Foods

Try These Natural Foods to Help with Cancer Prevention Kale: Kale is a superfood, considered one of the healthiest natural foods to consume to control and prevent cancer. Kale, the cabbage family

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Likely to Ignore

Many cancer signs mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions, so it’s easy to brush them aside. All the doctors we interviewed agreed: Know your body, and if you notice an unusual

Complete remission of brain metastasis of difficult-to-treat tumor

In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, a Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) research team reports a remarkable treatment response in a patient participating in a clinical trial of a

Motorized molecules drill through cells

Motorized molecules driven by light have been used to drill holes in the membranes of individual cells and show promise for either bringing therapeutic agents into the cells or directly inducing the

Vitamin B linked to increased lung cancer risk

Although vitamin B supplements claim to increase energy and improve metabolism, a new study finds a relationship between high doses of certain B vitamins and an increased risk of lung cancer in

5 mistakes most people make when they get diagnosed with CANCER

There are a lot of things you might do when you’re diagnosed with cancer: worry incessantly, research nonstop, talk to family and friends, and probably do your fair share of crying. However,

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